Diceratops Presents: Dungeon Leap
Amazing games on the NZ stage

S2E16 - Lost Leap of Phandelver part 4

I did not plan any of this you can't blame me

Episode Notes

Diceratops Presents DUNGEON LEAP: Lost Leap of Phandelver, part 4, the final part of the Thundertree misadventure!

Leap and Gerry face down a dragon, but also each other. Meanwhile, Armolas and Bonnie face down a sphinx, but also each other, in a completely different way. It's all the high-stakes high-emotions nonsense you could want!

With Steven Youngblood as Leap and game master Morgan Davie, and incredible featured players Sero of Sero Does Stuff, Reagan Morris of Getting Dicey, and Diceratops diamond Jarrod Baker!

Main titles and closing titles by Alexi Action Additional sounds by Nomi Q Bomi Mysterious voice performed by Julz Burgisser

Diceratops bring tabletop role-playing games to the Wellington stage, and podcasts too. We are comedians, improvisers, and game designers, and our shows are for everybody. We are proudly part of Kēmu Whakatau O Aotearoa, KiwiRPG

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