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S1E17 - D&D Live: Funky Cold Medusa, part one

A D&D Live Secret Session!

Episode Notes

Diceratops Presents part one of D&D Live: Funky Cold Medusa!

Ford and Randy visit Frun in his retreat, but the peace is upset as a frosty disturbance reveals an monstrous force of old has returned...

This D&D Live Secret Session was recorded live at the Diceratops Workshop on 25 January 2020. Featuring players Jarrod Baker, Wiremu Tuhiwai and Steven Youngblood, with game master Morgan Davie.

We are part of the Wellington Fringe! Buy tickets now for D&D Live: When Dwarves Cry, March 6th 2020 at BATS Theatre!

Diceratops bring tabletop role-playing games to the Wellington stage. We are comedians, improvisers, and game designers, and our shows are for everybody.

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Audio capture by Jarrod Baker. Produced by Taleturn Media.

This episode features excerpts from the track Sentinel by Kai Engel.

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