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S1E60 - D&D Live: Pour Some Centaur On Me, part two

One of Randy's Bunch isn't coming home...

Episode Notes

Diceratops Presents part two of D&D Live: Pour Some Centaur On Me! WARNING: Not everyone gets out of this adventure alive!

Randy's Bunch guests at a centaur festival, but the centaurs want to re-enact popular 1970s folk-horror film The Wicker Man! But that's not all our heroes are about to face. Things are about to get very hairy indeed - and the shocks keep coming...

Recorded live at BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Terrace, Wellington on 28 November 2020. Featuring players Julz Burgisser, Jarrod Baker, Steven Youngblood and Thom Adams, game master Morgan Davie, and Darryn Woods on sounds and music and general tech wizardry.

Diceratops bring tabletop role-playing games to the Wellington stage. We are comedians, improvisers, and game designers, and our shows are for everybody.

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Audio capture by Jarrod Baker. Produced by Taleturn Media.

This episode features sounds from Sword Coast Soundscapes, find soundtracks for your games on the Sword Coast Soundscapes YouTube channel; and from Syrinscape, because Epic games need Epic game sounds, find more at Syrinscape.com. Featured music Fast Build Up Orchestra by Joshua Empyre (Creative Commons BY-3.0) and Epic Strings by tictac9 (Creative Commons 0), find both on freesound.org. Find more details on sounds used in our episodes here.

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