Diceratops Presents: Dungeon Leap
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S1E38 - Miniepisode: Dallas Barnett, NZ's first TV Dungeon Master

Survive the 80s, Peter Jackson, AFK and more!

It's a miniepisode! Morgan chats with Dallas Barnett about being the Dungeon Master on TVNZ's highly-entertaining reality challenge show, Survive the 80s! We also talk about working on The Hobbit films, the AFK webseries, growing up with D&D in Ohio, and Dallas's connection to one of the most infamous cases in the history of Dungeons & Dragons.

New show Friday July 10th! Tickets available now! Live streaming will be available too! Watch the Diceratops social media for more!

Links: Dallas Barnett website

Survive the 80s episode 5

AFK webseries

Wikipedia entry on James Dallas Egbert III

Short Youtube clip with early D&D creator Tim Kask talking about the James Dallas Egbert case

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